Meet Our Team

Founder of HPR and involved in animal rescue for over a decade, Kathy has worked to decrease euthanasia of sheltered animals through local adoption and development of a strong transport program. Kathy recently retired from her job as a Nurse Anesthetist at the Batson Children's Hospital and now works as a full-time volunteer for HPR.

Serving as a volunteer for the transport program since 2016, Susan has functioned in many roles in addition to her role as Secretary -  including fostering, transport driver, and self-described "Night Shift Supervisor."  Susan also works in the loan department at Delta Bank.   

Jay is a founding partner at Fitch & Associates, one of the nation's largest public safety/emergency service consulting groups. In addition to his volunteer roll as Treasurer, Jay cares for the rescued horses  and volunteers to drive transports when time permits.

Bobby is the recently retired CEO of a successful company. He is very active in community affairs and brings a strong independent businessperson's view to the Board.    

Daye Dearing is employed as the Coordinator of Internships and Grants at Alcorn State University's School of Business. She holds a Bachelor of Business Adminstration in Workforce Education Leadership. Daye is the daughter of Senator Bob Dearing, who was a long-time advocate for anti-cruelty legislation and also served as an HPR Director, and she carries on the family's animal advocacy tradition.

Our wonderful Animal Care Techs who make sure that all of the little guys are taken care of each day. Yes, they are all puppy huggers! Attending Veterinarian:  Dr. Tracey Peltier